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Hospitality Teas & More


Welcome to MaraBette & Co, where we are ''Serving Up Tea w/  A Side of Hospitality." 

A full range of choices are available to schedule bookings for any of our Hospitality Teas, perfect for your next fun event, conference, or gathering. 

In case you missed the introduction to our Hospitality Teas, here it is...

 A Hospitality Tea 

It's an add on option system for tea parties & speaking engagements, that can be customized for your fun event. Here is an idea of

how they work.  Let's say you were having a ladies night at your home or location and you wanted to do something unique and different, so you called us!! You would have a basic tea option.  The basic tea option includes things like tea for each person, a fun icebreaker/game, & topic of discussion. You could then pick any of the add on "teas" to accompany.  For instance, maybe you'd like a tea tasting party, or a spa tea party, or even a full afternoon tea party, etc.  Each add-on party comes with activities and supplies.  All of which are hosted by us, Marabette & Co.

Doesn't that sound super fun!! Book your appointment, or give us a call. 

 Coming in November we will offer something called "Mystery Mondays".  Its just what it sounds like, we will offer a mystery box of two tea choices for $23.00 plus S&H. Only available on Mondays! Stay tuned for for details! 

I think that's all for now.  Oh, there is more coming your way, but why don't we let that be a surprise. Until we talk again.  Happy Tea Sipping!


The newest addition to Marabette & Co...

"31 Sips"

A Devotional/Tea Companion

available on Amazon.  (see pic. of book cover in photo gallery)

You can also order "31 Sips, A Complete Set" for $45

31 sample size teas + book