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Hospitality Teas & More


Welcome to MaraBette & Co, where we are ''Serving Up Tea w/  A Side of Hospitality." We wanted to let y'all in on a little secret & introduce you to something new we are offering, plus give you a heads up on a few upcoming ideas! 

Starting in August, we will be offering you all the choice to schedule bookings for any of our Hospitality Teas.  What is a Hospitality Tea you ask? 

Its an add on option system for tea parties & speaking engagements, that can be customized for your fun event. Here is an idea of

how they work.  Lets say you were having a ladies night at your home or location and you wanted to do something unique and different, so you called us!! You would have a basic tea option.  The basic tea option includes things like tea for each person, a fun icebreaker/game, & topic of discussion. You could then pick any of the add on "teas" to accompany.  For instance, maybe you'd like a tea tasting party, or a spa tea party, or even a full afternoon tea party, etc.  Each add-on party comes with activities and supplies.  All of which are hosted by us, Marabette & Co.

Doesn't that sound super fun!! I will be posting the full spectrum of the Hospitality Tea on our appointment page, so you can book directly.  Or you can always email or give us a call. 

 I also said I wanted to share a little secret about something upcoming, right?  Coming in the near future we will offer something called "Sample Saturdays" Its just what it sounds like, we will have a select assortment of samples available on Saturdays and for just S&H cost, we will send you your choices for FREE!! Stay tuned for "Sample Saturdays"

I think that's all for now.  Oh, there is more coming your way, but why don't we let that be a surprise. Until we talk again.  Happy Tea Sipping!


Our surprise reveal...

The newest addition to Marabette & Co...

"31 Sips"

A Devotional/Tea Companion

available on Amazon.  (see pic. of book cover in photo gallery)