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  • Here at MaraBette we believe that hospitality & the diverse countries   that tea comes from is universal and  each blend of tea as well as relationships we cultivate should reflect that. Our primary focus is to bring you to a diverse selection of teas, helps you build diverse relationships and friendships, then mix them to create the "perfect" drink.  Are you concerned you don't know much about taking tea or creating spaces of hospitality? That's OK! We exist to help you learn the art of hospitality & how to use tea as a medium, where we become the hands, hearts, & feet of Jesus. Our motto is simple; "changing hearts one sip at a  time." 

                     With love, tea, & hospitality

                     MaraBette & Co

  • In order to create spaces of hospitality & share tea, you are going to need a fun and exciting way to extend hospitality. For that reason we have created Private Tea Tastings   Its a simple and easy way to share moments with friends or neighbors, experience the beauty of tea, laugh, & have fun. Each month  approx. 4-6 ladies will be invited to a private tea tastings to experience this fun and wonderful time of hospitality.  if you would like to be added to the invitation list, please email us with "tea tasting" in the subject line. 

                    We cant wait for you to join us!

  • June is Hospitality Tea Month...Be sure to attend our Tea Luncheon. Come experience a time of grace, friendship, food, fun & hospitality as we explore all that makes the art of extending & practicing hospitality beautiful. 

  • A little background on our wonderful teas. Our  line of loose leaf teas, each one sporting a name representing hospitality or family/friends. From fruity herbals to soothing chamomile, robust and earthly we carry them all!      All of our teas are made from the finest leaf, never artificial, just natural tea, & real fruit/herbs. We offer only loose leaf teas. While tea bags are a great convenience, we are tea purists at heart! That being the case, we do offer an option to make your own tea bags at home.   You can find our tea blends in black, white, green, herbals, and more  on our shopping page. Just visit us @ to place an order. 

                    MaraBette & Co. Teas, your choice for luxurious teas.

Hospitality Tea Luncheon
June 22, 2019
Be sure & get your tickets!

Hospitality Tea Luncheon June 22, 2019 Be sure & get your tickets!