Autumn reminds us to sip & share

About Us

Who We Are


MaraBette & Co Tea & Hospitality formed in 2016, with a vision to see a revival of hospitality among the lives of people, friends, & strangers alike. We exist to be the hands, feet, & heart of Jesus by bringing people together, &  creating atmospheres where people can feel the love of God, & where hearts are changed and relationships built.  

Our mission is simple; We exist to help encourage people to build relationships, & bring people together through the process of tea & practice of hospitality!

Tea +Hospitality= MaraBette & Co. 1 Sip at a Time!

What We Do


Every year we demonstrate  the art of hospitality through two very public events. One of which happens in the spring, the other which takes place during the Christmas season. Both events are geared toward bringing people together, developing relationships, learning new things & of course partaking of tea!  During the spring we hold our annual Tea event, and in the winter we look forward to "Christmas w/ MaraBette"  2 Great Events!

Each event presents us with a different theme, all of which gear us toward the heart of hospitality and bringing people together. You're invited to join us!

How We Cultivate


We believe there is no truer and more symbolic act of hospitality than taking & sharing tea with someone.  Both the process of tea and the act of hospitality call for similar characteristics, such as patience, time, listening, & a willing heart. For that reason, we have our own line of "Hospitality Teas" perfect for sharing, & savoring. You will also find numerous tea/hospitality classes & sessions throughout the year.  From tea tastings to hospitality & personality classes, each one allowing people to experience the love & joy that stems from the heart of Marabette & Co. Plus they offer individuals the opportunity to extend hospitality to others in a group, or more individual setting.